CyrusOnehas acquired what it expects to be the largest data center facility in Texas and one of the largest data centers in the country.

In keeping with the company’s new strategy of owning the underlying property that its data centers are built on, CyrusOne purchased the 30-acre parcel of land in a suburb north of Dallas. The building currently has a structure that is approximately 700,000 sq ft under roof. Once completed, the facility should have close to 400,000 sq ft of raised floor data center space to provide customers with approximately 60,000 sq ft of class A office space.

In keeping with CyrusOne’s commitment of building world-class enterprise-level facilities, the building is slated to provide 250 kilowatts per foot in a 2N design expected to deliver 100 percent uptime capabilities.

Additionally, the building is going to be constructed with the goal of becoming Platinum LEED certified and to deliver an energy-efficiency PUE metric to make it the most efficient facility in the state of Texas. Such a building can save customers considerable operating expenses.

“I am really excited about this project, as it’s of the size and scale that historically was only available to the giant ‘Web-scale’ companies,” said Kevin Timmons, CTO of CyrusOne. “The product that we will deliver to the Dallas market will be unique from a number of perspectives not only in terms of size, but more importantly we will be able to take advantage of free air cooling and will implement several cutting-edge concepts in our electrical back plane that all translates into lower costs for our customers and helps the environment.”

The Dallas acquisition marks the third that CyrusOne has completed in Texas in the past two months. In November, the company acquired a 175,000-sq-ft facility in Houston, and in December, it acquired a 200,000-sq-ft facility in San Antonio.

“The demand by our Fortune 500 customers for high-quality enterprise-class facilities has been tremendous,” said Gary Wojtaszek, president and CEO of CyrusOne. “Our goal with this facility is to provide our customers with a higher quality product than they would ever consider building for themselves and also design it in such a way that it will be 50 percent more efficient than what they could ever achieve.”

Moreover, by having locations throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, CyrusOne can offer all of its customers the same quality product throughout the world as the company looks to rationalize its existing global data center footprint.