Munters recently received a seismic certificate of compliance in accordance with the International Code Council (ICC) and California Building Code (CBC) for its indirect air-ide economizer unit installed at a data center in southernCalifornia. The Munters unit is used in a mission critical facility designed to a CBC seismic importance factor of 1.5, requiring the unit to function properly following seismic events.

 In order to meet this standard, Munters participated in a certification program consisting of structural finite element analysis of non-active components and seismic testing of active components in compliance with model code provisions and specifications.

Munters partnered with a structural engineering consultant that specializes in seismic certifications to perform the structural analysis. This licensed structural engineer performed the detailed analysis to validate the structural integrity of the unit.

In addition to the finite element modeling of the structure, Munters worked closely with the consultant to develop test plans in accordance with ICC Acceptance Criteria AC156 and CBC for the active components. Shake table testing was performed at a test lab in Pittsburgh. This testing included pre and post-test functionality and operability as specified by Munters. 

Upon successful completion of shake table testing and structural analysis, Munters received full compliance with the provisions of the 2007/2010 California Building Code for designated seismic systems.