Underlining their commitment to high value information and applied data centre innovation, leading global network infrastructure specialist Siemon has launched the first edition of its new interactive data center e-Magazine. Entitled "Data Center Solutions" this resource-rich e-Magazine is designed to guide IT network professionals through critical data center decisions, placing them in the network infrastructure driver's seat. The e-Magazine is available athttp://www.siemon.com/uk/promos/dc-e-brochure.asp.

The innovative e-Magazine provides in-depth coverage on an extensive range of topics, including copper and optical fiber cabling choices, energy and thermal efficiency, data center density and cable management, physical layer bandwidth and performance, network security and sustainability best-practices.

Bob Carlson, VP of Global Marketing at Siemon says, "By combining timely information and educational resources in a variety of multmedia formats, including articles, links to white papers and videos, the e-Magazine delivers valuable content that can help data center professional ensure the specific needs of theirs project are met, and the latest standards and best practices are considered. The information contained in Siemon's interactive e-Magazine is based upon continual disciplined research, voice of customer and practical experience"

Accesible through Siemon's Data Center e-Magazine:

• Data center design strategies, including point-to-point vs. any-to-all structured considerations

• Total cost of ownership factors - Balancing data centre CAPEX with OPEX

• Real world data center case studies from leading global organizations

• Physical layer security and management through intelligent infrastructures

• Long-term "green" planning


"Especially within the data center, network infrastructure technologies are continually evolving and Siemon is committed to giving the market the resources it needs to make well-informed cabling decisions," Carlson added. "The Siemon e-Magazine is a good example of how we deliver value to our customers and partners by sharing our data center infrastructure expertise. With this interactive resource, readers can systematically navigate their own path to the topics that best suit their needs."

Siemon's Data Center Solutions e-Magazine can either be viewed online, or downloaded as a PDF, free of charge at http://www.siemon.com/uk/promos/dc-e-brochure.asp