Power Assure Inc. and ABB will integrate Power Assure EM/4 data center energy management software in the ABB Decathlon Data Center Enterprise Management (DCEM) product and services offering.

The ABB Decathlon suite of products and services provides Data Center Enterprise Management—management of energy usage across multiple sites to maximize efficiency—with true enterprise visibility and reporting. Together with Decathlon, Power Assure EM/4 software services deliver real-time monitoring, analytics and automation, allowing IT to make appropriate adjustments in response to facility-side energy demands.

“By integrating Power Assure EM/4 software solutions, ABB can offer our customers a new level of automated control over their operations,” said Eric Olson, ABB product manager for Decathlon. “Decathlon links IT capacity with cooling and power capacity to move processing where it needs to be to reduce costs, ensure business continuity and improve quality of service.”

“We are excited to work with ABB on this leading edge solution,” said Brad Wurtz, president and CEO, Power Assure. “Our mutual customers benefit from integrating real-time facilities and IT data to react automatically through power capping, load shifting and by dynamically adjusting IT capacity when there is a power or cooling failure.”

The Power Assure EM/4 software services will be sold as part of the ABB Decathlon DCEM solution which provides:


• True visibility: Facilities and energy management that harmonize in a unified control environment

• Improved reliability: Condition-based maintenance, recommending service when equipment is not working to its fullest potential

• Improved efficiency: Data analysis of IT load patterns, weather forecasts, contract, and utility data—used  to predict and adjust energy consumption in order to optimize usage against bill rates

• Visionary decision making: A unified view that allows data center operators and managers to see information across multiple disciplines and make informed decisions


Power Assure software services provide actionable, real-time and historical insight into energy usage, utilization and other key performance indicators (KPIs) for data centers as well as the means to analyze and automate energy efficiency while maintaining application service levels.