on365 has announced a partnership with Concurrent Thinking. The partnership between the two companies aims to provide a complementary product and consultancy service, givingUKbusinesses a more concise monitoring and management system for optimising energy efficiency within their data centre, as well as access to specialised skills in order to implement identified changes.

Colin Richardson, on365 managing director, said, “The data centre industry has moved beyond first generation efficiency measures such as PUE. A much better picture of data centre efficiency is gained by combining information from computing systems with detailed power information. This allows us to understand how well IT resources are being used, undertake more detailed audits and then identify opportunities for energy savings in a way we couldn’t before. Our collaboration with Concurrent Thinking will enable us to set new standards for energy efficiency at our customer’s data centres.”

Michael Rudgyard, CTO and founder, Concurrent Thinking added, “We are delighted to partner up with on365. Not only do they have a wide-reaching track record with large and mid-range firms but are recognised experts within their field. on365’s track record and technical capabilities complement our product portfolio and the partnership will provide a unique opportunity to deliver best-practise solutions in energy management. This will allow data centres to maintain their key IT services while consuming significantly less power and, of course, saving lots of money.”

The new partnership coincides with Concurrent Thinking’s launch of two ground-breaking products at DatacenterDynamics London 2011. The concurrentCOMMAND and concurrentCONTROL products transform the ability of organisations to analyse data centre operations by changing what is analysed and how it can be presented back to senior management.

Concurrent’s end-to-end approach embraces the IT layer, down to OS level, through to the physical infrastructure which supports the computer room and the facilities which provision the building.

A key differentiator of their products is the ability to distinguish which elements of the IT system use energy at a highly granular level, breaking down the usage into reports by business, division, or infrastructure area. This new level of insight contrasts to the current data centre focus on high-level metrics such as PUE as an energy efficiency metric.

The partnership agreement strengthens on365’s ability to manage power usage, drive cost efficiencies and provide a signification short-term ROI for their enterprise clients in the financial, retail and Data Centre sectors.