Emerson Network Power has released an ASCO Ethernet redundancy and I/O solution designed to simplify efficient operation, reliability, and serviceability of quad-redundant programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for paralleling control switch gear.new products

The ASCO Ethernet redundancy and I/O solution comprises software, PLC, and I/O configurations that represent the only quad-redundant control method designed specifically for paralleling control switch gear. It also includes a full set of system diagnostics that signal any failure, not just those that could bring down the system. The information is displayed on the master PLC, I/O communication status screen and displayed and logged on the ASCO PowerQuest Power Monitoring and Control System.

The software, PLC, and I/O configurations combine to reduce system cost, extend life, and simplify PLC startup, operation, and servicing when integrated into power switching and controls equipment. The ASCO solution’s Ethernet redundancy employs a simple Ethernet network that can be copper or fiber based and does not require fiberoptic rings and hubs—savings can exceed $100,000 for sophisticated multi-gen set emergency power systems with a lineup of paralleling control switch gear sections.