Hammond Manufacturing has published an all-new 500+ page catalog. Since the last edition was published, several major products have been launched, including the HME modular family, several new lines of large freestanding enclosures, 316 stainless steel versions of the Eclipse Junior range, additional sizes of well-established products, all-new thermal management products and application-specific enclosures as well as new accessories. More than 5,000 standard line items are listed with full technical details and associated dimensioned drawings. new products

The catalog’s structure has been organized to be very user-friendly, with easy navigation as a key feature. Sections are organized as industrial enclosures, corrosion resistant enclosures, disconnect enclosures, modular freestanding enclosures, operator interface enclosures, wireway and cable troughs, commercial enclosures, climate control, data communication infrastructure, general accessories, and technical information.