Eaton Corporation has released the Profile Genesys, a high-performance, modular, height-adjustable, command, and control center workstation as an addition to its Profile Advanced Console System. The unit is designed for markets such as 911/emergency dispatch, medical imaging, network operation centers, process control, security, transportation management and trading desk environments. products

Profile Genesys can be integrated into the existing 6-in. steel core walls of the Profile console platform. In addition, the Profile Genesys monitor deck and keyboard work surface can be individually controlled via a compact LED touchpad that offers up to three memory positions. No longer bound by geometric shape considerations, the ergonomic Profile Genesys line is designed for any type of concave, convex, or other space configuration designs. As a standalone console, Profile Genesys offers the clean and graceful appearance preferred by many architects and designers. It incorporates a sit-to-stand option, and its architecture provides unique technology storage, power and cable management capabilities.