JouleX has released the newest version of JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) product suite. The new enhancements include a number of industry “firsts,” including integration with and support for all the largest and latest power management networking vendors including Cisco EnergyWise, Intel Data Center Manager, and VMware; full support for the latest Cisco EnergyWise management functions, including EnergyWise-specific reporting; and enhanced support has been added for advanced power control of servers from Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and products

Other highlights include new device control features allowing for integrated power capping, central processing unit (CPU) performance leveling (for Windows, VMware, Linux), and support for VMware vCenter, and Distributed Power Management (DPM); more granular control using power, temperature and utilization metrics to migrate virtual machines and optimize server performance and energy consumption using VMware vMotion; and detailed analytics and reporting for sustainable procurement (analysis of device models for energy efficiency, for device replacement planning, and for measuring energy and carbon savings from virtualization projects)