Crenlo has added the Emcor G-Series product line to its standard lineup of Emcor enclosures. The fully welded frame of the G-Series utilizes 14- and 16-gage steel and has been rigorously tested to be certified for loads of up to 2,000 pounds, creating a new option between the 800-pound-capacity Emcor ESQ product line and the 3,500-lb capacity Emcor 10-Series product products

The G-Series is inspired by the narrow footprint of the ESQ and is available in both 19-in. and 24-in. panel widths. It also utilizes the most popular cabinet depths of the 10-Series, including 26.31, 31.56, and 36.87 in. By utilizing design aspects from two of its popular predecessors, the G-Series results in vertical panel openings (VPOs) ranging from 30U to 45U, providing the versatility to be well-suited for everything from broadcast and audio/video applications, to test and measurement, military and defense, systems integration, security, medical, and everything in between.