Universal Electric Corp. (UEC) has introduced the Starline B800 Track Busway, which is designed to give managers of data centers and mission-critical facilities another choice for flexible power distribution. Available in customizable lengths, the Starline B800 Busway offers ultimate flexibility and two style options: copper (all copper conductors) and composite aluminum (continuous copper contact surfaces with aluminum busbar). new products

Product features include 800-A/600-V ac or dc, continuous access or plug-in/shutter design; aluminum housing; and interchangeable plug-ins with B250 and B400 systems. The B800 Busway, like all Starline Track Busway products, has no complicated mechanisms or levers. It is modular, build-as-you-need, equipped for high-density electrical distribution, and rated to meet and exceed the rigorous reliability demands and thermal requirements of datacenter and mission-critical facilities.