Amicus Partners, an advisory group that provides comprehensive consulting services and data center analysis for real estate developers and investors, REITS, and others involved in mission critical data center development and operations has been retained by Dalcan Investments of Dallas to assist the company in building their data center investment portfolio. 

Chuck Smith, partner, says Amicus is providing the Dalcan team with strategic analysis and recommendations regarding not only purchasing data center properties, but improving the operational revenue stream. 

Jason Cherry, executive vice president of Dalcan Investments, says his company contracted with Amicus Partners to assist them in evaluating current and long-term potential for new data center properties.

“We have investigated data center investment in the past and felt that there were too many questions that we didn’t have the expertise to answer. We have been thrilled with the insight that the Amicus Partners team brings to our enterprise and are excited to pursue new investments in the mission critical data center arena with their advice and assistance,” Cherry said.

Amicus Partners, which launched in mid-2011, consists of a team of professionals with more than 40 years of collective experience in operations and business development in the data center space. 

“Clients often come to us for the evaluation of a specific property, and we provide in-depth analysis, and often can identify additional properties that fit their specific investment profile. Our operational expertise allows us to take the evaluation a step beyond what exists today to identify growth opportunities and additional revenue streams,” Smith says.

The Amicus Partners team has visibility into nationwide capacity, deal flow, and relative positioning of wholesale and retail data center providers and facilities.  Smith says where Amicus excels is in the demand generation and business development part of the business, which he says is often the most overlooked, underfunded, and least understood aspect of the data center industry.

“Our clients, including Dalcan, get our assistance in analyzing properties, identifying means of adding revenue post-transaction, and help in attracting new clients to the property.  All of these things protect and enhance their investment,” Smith says.