Internap Network Services Corporation has announced the world’s first commercially available public cloud compute service based on the OpenStack open source platform. Internap’s Open Public Cloud compute service delivers high-performance, on-demand provisioning and scaling of enterprise computing capacity to meet changing web and application demands. The OpenStack platform offers a set of standardized APIs allowing customers to utilize the cloud without worrying about being locked in to a single provider.

The Open Public Cloud complements Internap’s Custom Public Cloud, a VMware-based compute cloud, resulting in unparalleled flexibility for customers. These public cloud compute offerings build on Internap’s private cloud services and its recently introduced cloud storage service, also based on OpenStack, creating one of the most comprehensive enterprise cloud offerings available today. Internap’s global Performance IP network, with a 100% uptime SLA, is fully-integrated with its cloud services, ensuring seamless access and an optimized experience for end-users. 

 According to a recent report from Gartner, public cloud services spending is expected to grow four times faster than overall IT spending, reaching nearly $177 billion by 2015. “Enterprises moving to the cloud want the ability to select services that meet their specific control, security and cost requirements rather than a ‘one size fits all’ option,” said Paul Carmody, senior vice president of product management and business development at Internap. “As an active member of the OpenStack open source community and a provider of VMware vCloud Powered services, Internap offers enterprises maximum flexibility with public cloud, private cloud and a scalable cloud storage service. This allows customers to ‘future-proof’ cloud investments, moving from one cloud platform to another or using a hybrid approach as priorities and business needs evolve.”

 MedAptus, a leader in the health care revenue cycle space for charge capture, management and workflow efficiency, is using a hybrid cloud solution from Internap. MedAptus counts amongst its customers some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious healthcare organizations.

 “We were seeking both a private cloud that could support our growing customer base and a scalable and cost-efficient disaster recovery solution. The flexibility of Internap’s cloud offering allowed us to easily select the services that fit our unique requirements,” said Larry Hagerty, president at MedAptus. “Internap’s Dedicated Private Cloud gives us the benefits of a VMware environment, including enterprise-class security, fully-dedicated resources and the control to create our own virtual machines. Its Custom Public Cloud provides a back-up site that allows us to spin up virtual machines on demand if needed and, because it’s a pay-as-you-go model, there’s no recurring charge, which drives down our total cost of ownership for the overall solution.”

Internap’s Enterprise Public Cloud Offering

  • Open Public Cloud: A highly-scalable, cost-effective public cloud with an easy-to-use management interface and APIs that can meet dynamic capacity needs on demand. Based on the OpenStack platform, this service leverages the low-cost, open source Xen Cloud Platform and is integrated with Internap’s OpenStack-based cloud storage offering for maximum flexibility.
  • Custom Public Cloud: A “pay-as-you-go,” multi-tenant public cloud that speeds adoption and delivery by leveraging the VMware platform, thereby eliminating the need to re-architect applications that have already been virtualized internally. Customers can architect tailored cloud configurations and create customized network configurations on demand through VMware’s vCloud Director portal.

Internap at Cloud Computing Expo

At Cloud Computing Expo November 7–10 in Santa Clara, Calif., Internap will showcase its cloud portfolio, with demonstrations spanning Open Public Cloud, Custom Public Cloud and the company’s patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) technology, which analyzes network performance characteristics in real time to route traffic over major Internet backbones globally for intelligent, optimized and highly-reliable delivery of data and applications.

 Additionally, Adam Weissmuller, director of product management at Internap, will present a speaking session, “Overcoming Latency: The Achilles Heel of Cloud Computing,” at the event on November 10 at 2:45 p.m.