Hurricane Electrichas announced that it is providing bandwidth and connectivity solutions toData102, Southern Colorado’s leading colocation provider.

The new relationship will improve Data102’s bandwidth, reliability and congestion management capabilities when delivering next-generation IP access services.  It will also give Data102’s customers access to Hurricane Electric’s rich global network.

“With access to Hurricane Electric’s network infrastructure,our customers will benefit from higher throughput and lower latency,” said Travis Taylor, Director of Business Development at Data102. “In addition, this relationship will improve the reliability and fault tolerance of our network.”

“I am delighted that access to Hurricane Electric’s global Internet backbone will help Data102 provide next-generation IP services to its customers,” said Mike Leber, President of Hurricane Electric.

An IPv6 leader for over a decade, Hurricane Electric first deployed IPv6 on its global backbone in 2001.  Hurricane Electric’s global Internet backbone is one of the few that is IPv6-native and does not rely on internal tunnels for IPv6 connectivity.  IPv6 is offered as a core service and every customer is provided both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.