Cummins Power Generation, a business unit of Cummins Inc., officially unveiled its Acoustical Testing Facility (ATC) at its Fridley headquarters on October 6, 2011. It is the largest engine-testing facility of its kind in the world.

By eliminating any external noise interference or input, the ATC, with its state-of-the-art hemi-anechoic (no echo) chamber, allows the company to measure precisely the noise output from fully assembled generator sets of all types and sizes. Pinpointing the sources of noise in a generator set helps Cummins Power Generation design quieter, “greener" products. In addition, the ATC reduces the environmental impact on the surrounding neighborhood by eliminating the need for outdoor testing. The facility was built in accordance with LEED guidelines for green building design.

Tony Satterthwaite, president of Cummins Power Generation, said, "The opening of the ATC demonstrates our company's commitment to continuous improvement in product design as well as to environmental responsibility. It also allows us to create several new jobs, one more example of the continuing growth of Cummins Power Generation."

Katherine Blaubelt, field director for Senator Al Franken’s Minnesota office, and outreach director in Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Minnesota office Joe Campbell both attended the grand opening ceremony, which featured Bob Barnett of the City of Fridley and Kathy Tunheim, senior advisor to the Governor for Job Creation as speakers. Tony Satterthwaite, president of Cummins Power Generation, and project manager Kevin Wiese spoke on behalf of the company at the event.