Falcon Electric, Inc. has expanded its range of communication options with new remote control, monitoring, and operations system shutdown solutions—the Falcon MEGA SNMP/HTTP agent. The new agent consists of a standalone external or an internal “circuit card” that fits into the communications option slot of any Falcon SG, SSG, or FN Series rack-mount and tower UPS.

The agent allows for the connection to any Ethernet LAN. Two USB ports on the agent support the connection of an optional 802.11G Wi-Fi dongle providing wireless LAN connectivity. As an alternate to 802.11G, an optional GSM/GPRS 1900 cellular modem device is available supporting wireless short message service (SMS) communications with the UPS using supplied SMS server software.

An optional NetFeeler II device supports remote temperature, humidity, and water measurement. This module connects through an RJ45 connector located on the MEGA agent. The module further supports connection of up to two additional sensors, consisting of a magnetic switch to monitor the opening of a door, as well as a smoke detector.