Altronic’s retrofit ignition/control package for Caterpillar 3500 engines is equipped with SI/EIS ignition systems. Available either as individual components, as part of a standalone Altronic Controls panel, or as part of a larger panel incorporating additional functionality, this package is designed with variants for each engine model (8, 12, and 16-cylinder configurations) to provide a maximum level of added capability and operating reliability while minimizing installation costs and associated downtime.

These systems feature the standard Altronic CPU-95 ignition system and all of its performance and diagnostic features, the Altronic DET-1600 for advanced detonation and misfire control, along with a DSG-1682DUPS Digital Setpoint Gauge to assist in effectively emulating the configuration and function of the existing OEM systems. Engine-specific harnesses for both the ignition system and the accelerometers installed on each power cylinder are provided, along with an EZRail junction module.