LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has released the Series 70 ePODs: Type-X Power Distribution Unit, which features an optional high-efficiency transformer with SafePanel distribution, and is designed to maximize power reliability while providing advanced power monitoring functionality. Configurations include up to six 42-circuit panel boards and sub-feed configurations accommodating up to two high-density SafePanel panel boards. 

A color touch-screen graphical user interface is accessible from the front of the unit, and connectivity is achieved utilizing open protocols. Electrical reliability is improved with the implementation of the LayerZero Series 70 ePODs: Type-X. The ePODs: Type-X utilizes high-speed current-limiting circuit breakers, providing guaranteed selective trip coordination with the main breaker. The current-limiting Type-X breakers safely clear fault energy in a manner that protects the main breaker from downstream faults, so that if a breaker trips, only one branch is affected.