The ASCO PowerQuest Power Monitoring and Control System from Emerson Network Power helps facility managers enhance power reliability, availability, and efficiency and creates the next paradigm for on-site power management. ASCO PowerQuest’s combination of integrated communications, sensing and measurement, advanced control, improved interfaces, and decision support technologies creates a new, more efficient model for managing emergency power assets—the Critical Power Management System (CPMS).

A Critical Power Management System includes gen sets, circuit breakers, transfer switches, bus bar, paralleling control switchgear, and other emergency power system equipment. It facilitates on-site power system testing, load management, and bus bar optimization. It also monitors normal and emergency voltages and frequency, indicates transfer switch position, source availability, normal and emergency voltage and frequency, current, power, and power factor, and displays transfer switch event logs, time-delay settings, rating and identification. ASCO PowerQuest also sends automatic alerts on system operation via e-mail, pager, or selected system alarms. FREE INFO: WRITE 203