The MeriTalk Data Center Exchange has announced the first Federal DCC Cookbook at Generated in collaboration with data center leads from government and industry, this best-practices guide provides agencies with how-to direction to help them get consolidation done.

More than a static policy consolidation document, the Cookbook features operational contacts within agencies who own experience and responsibility for the various stages of consolidation. Further, it includes relevant analysts, white papers, and tools—with reference to agencies that have utilized or contributed these resources. The Cookbook is a living repository of DCC experience and expertise across the government. As such, the Cookbook features a Wiki where government and industry can contribute recipes as well as tips and tricks— wiki/DCX.

OMB’s July 2011 memorandum 2011 stated the goal to consolidate 800 Federal data centers by 2015. The MeriTalk Data Center Exchange created the Cookbook and Wiki to support OMB’s consolidation goal by leveraging Federal agencies’ DCC experience and expertise in one shared space.

“All of us are smarter than any of us,” said Steve O’Keeffe, founder, MeriTalk. “It’s great to set a goal to reduce the number of data centers—but we need straightforward how-to guidance and the opportunity for agencies to collaborate to make meaningful progress. We’re excited to launch the Cookbook and we’re breaking ground on developing a data center transactional marketplace—with an eye to deliver before the end of the year.”