Telx has announced thatZayohas joined the award-winning TelxEthernet Exchange. By joining the Telx Ethernet Exchange in Telx’s strategically located downtownAtlanta data center, Zayo can continue to organically grow its 518 mile metro fiber network which today connects over 250 enterprise locations and more than 50 carrier pops, LSOs and data center facilities throughout the greater Atlanta area. Zayo's interconnection with Telx will further extend network reach, opening new business opportunities with other wholesale buyers and sellers of Ethernet while ensuring end-to-end cross network quality of service. 

Zayo’s Ethernet service offering is designed as a carrier-grade transport alternative for traditional TDM, SONET, ATM, and Frame Relay networks. Zayo offers protected and unprotected Ethernet with multiple interface options and speeds. Zayo’s Ethernet service connects its customers’ LANs within the same metropolitan area or across regions using an optical fiber transport. As a Telx Ethernet Exchange member, Zayo can leverage a high-value community of carriers and enterprises in the Atlanta area to establish new revenue streams by expanding their network footprint.

“Ethernet services come in many varieties and not all of them are equal. Transport and delivery can take several forms and vary in quality,” states David Howson, president of Zayo Bandwidth. “End-to-end service must meet stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Telx's Ethernet Exchange environment removes much of this complexity and enables a scalable platform for Ethernet interconnection across carrier networks."

The Telx Ethernet Exchange is a vital part of the Telx Interconnection Center, a family of services that creates a community of Ethernet-enabled networks, providing simple, easy access to advanced IP products and network technologies. Included with the Telx Ethernet Exchange is the Telx Connect Portal, an advanced e-commerce tool connecting publishers, subscribers, providers and consumers with buyers and sellers of advanced network and application based services. With the Telx Ethernet Exchange, telecommunications service providers, cloud providers and large enterprises can seamlessly connect their networks to a secure, flexible, and scalable technology while reducing cost and driving revenue growth.

“The Telx Ethernet Exchange is a fast, cost-effective way for wholesale Ethernet providers like Zayo to expand their service delivery model,” said Glenn Calafati, Vice President and General Manager of Interconnection Services at Telx. “Not only does this partnership make it easier for carrier customers to connect to Zayo’s Ethernet platform in our Atlanta data center, but it gives our Global Marketplace of customers even more last-mile connectivity choices. We look forward to helping Zayo continue to expand its market reach through the benefits of the Ethernet Exchange.”