Future Facilities has opened registration for its 2011 6SigmaDC Data Center Conference and User Group, which will take place November 15-17 at the San Francisco Marriott, Union Square. 

The highly popular conference will feature an extensive agenda of data center case studies and best practices from some of today’s most technically advanced companies, including Facebook, Intel, DLB Associates, Integral Group and others.

Throughout the conference, attendees will learn about emerging standards and practices that are designed to bridge the long-standing divide between IT and facilities that is found within the organization and between suppliers and end-users.  This bridge is critical to operating the data center as a well integrated system and unlocking the full IT loading capacity of the data center throughout its lifespan.

Some of the speakers and topics include:

  • Chuck Rego, chief architect at Intel Corp., who will discuss a data center management methodology based on the integration of server-level monitoring and the 6SigmaDC Virtual Facility.
  • Veerendra Mulay, thermal engineer at Facebook, whowill discuss the Open Compute standard for data center and server design, and its significance for the data center industry.
  • Peter Rumsey, managing director and principal of Integral Group (formerly of Rumsey Engineers), who will discuss the benefits of the Open Compute reference design and the growing importance of chip to facility design integration. A liquid cooling design that has been implemented at National Renewable Energy Labs will be featured as a case study.
  • DLB Associateswill discuss the benefits of Cooling Path Management to the application of the new ASHRAE server inlet temperature recommendations as an alternative to industry 'best practices,' in order to improve the efficiency and resilience of data center operations.
  • Guy Ruddock, vice president operations for data center services at Colt, who will discuss the Modular Data Center concept and implementation, and its optimization through use of the 6SigmaDC Virtual Facility methodology.


Conference attendees will learn how enterprises are deploying a range of modeling systems, such as Future Facilities’ entry-level Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 6SigmaRoomLite, to ensure the thermal integrity of their data centers and enable more collaboration between IT, facilities and other data center stakeholders.

“This year’s conference will be packed with information useful to operators of data centers of any size,” said Sherman Ikemoto, General Manager, Future Facilities.  “We are delighted to have the opportunity for conference attendees to gain valuable insight from Facebook, Intel and many others on how to create a data center that allows for maximum IT capacity and efficiency.” 

To register for the event, visit http://www.futurefacilities.com/media/events/6SigmaDCuserconf11/6SigmaDCuserconf11.php