Server Technology has released SPM v5.0 combined with the latest version 6.1 update to the intelligent cabinet (CDU) family of power distribution units (PDU.)

“We have been providing data center power distribution for 25 years, hold nearly three dozen patents associated with building intelligent power distribution devices, and have thousands and thousands of customers who trust our expertise and guide our strategy,” said Brandon Ewing, president of Server Technology. 

“It’s the natural next step for us. Using the Server Technology power management system, customers are no longer faced with the burden of adding new complexity as they grow their data center. With our system, adding additional power capacity does not bring along the traditional added management complexity,” Ewing added.

“In these new version releases, we’ve responded to literally hundreds of customer requests to integrate more tightly, increase the level of access and control, continue to refine the user experience and the ease of accessing business analytics available. Our customers will now have at their fingertips the industry’s most complete power management solution including device and group state control, dynamic dashboards, power consumption trending, status and health check. We make rack-level power simple, reliable and cost-effective,” said Ewing.

SPM Version 5.0 is a unique power management system that serves as the primary interface to any number of power distribution devices in the data center. It is a highly capable Web 2.0 compliant user interface as well as a comprehensive middleware solution, providing actionable real-time data and integration with all of the major players in the systems management and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) spaces.

The new user interface in SPM 5.0 provides an intuitive, customer-driven design and rich user functionality, enhancing the monitoring and management capabilities of the devices themselves. Users can set up custom network operations center (NOC) views– from global dashboard views down to each PDU, each cabinet and each location with new icon-based management functionality.  SPM allows users to manage their entire power distribution network for discovery, setup, configuration and firmware upgrades, as well as receive email alerts and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap forwarding and alarms.  Additionally, SPM has been designed to be fully multi-vendor in access and control, with included conduits currently provided for rack-based power distribution devices from APC, Raritan, Geist and many others.          

Version 6.1 firmware for the intelligent CDU device line now features a “System Summary” dashboard with an at-a-glance view of the cabinet PDUs and their attached sensors with a graphical green-yellow-red health status of each device, representing power load, temperature and current. Overloaded conditions show as an alarm status and a problem diagnosis. The upgraded firmware version also includes over 20 configuration and customization options, allowing the user to configure the PDU to serve their individual requirements.

Early adopter Tony Tate, senior manager, corporate facilities & data center infrastructure for New York-based Yellow Book had this to say, “I love the functionality and look of SPM 5.0 and the seamless integration with the new Version 6.1 controller firmware. The new dashboard makes all the difference. I can see everything I need at a glance. I can pull up a status of my data center floor plan and all the CDUs; I can see everything¾trending power, temperature, recent events, alarms. I can run trending reports, trouble shoot problems, set thresholds, get email alerts and diagnose problems – all with pinpoint accuracy.”