CoreVault has announced that Healthback Home Health, a fast growing regional home healthcare provider, has selected CoreVault’s Cloud Hosting services to cost-efficiently provide reliable cloud-based data protection and disaster recovery services for its 45 branch offices across four states. Healthback uses this secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to manage back office data protection and management while still empowering them with complete control over their applications and data.


Healthback Home Health is a fast-growing regional home healthcare service provider serving the states of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. The company today has a growing roster of remote offices that offer skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, home health assistance, pediatric nursing and many other healthcare services in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Healthback Home Health was facing a rapidly growing data center as the company continued its expansion. Its custom medical application needed a more scalable infrastructure that would continue to grow as the company furthered its multi-state growth. Yet, the company didn’t want to compromise security or application control, nor did they have the budget to invest in costly resources and personnel to manage the infrastructure on premise. That’s when they began to evaluate secure cloud-based hosting providers and discovered CoreVault.

"Healthback has over 45 branch offices in 4 different states and is growing rapidly,” said Wathena Branham, IT Manager, Healthback. “We wanted to primarily reduce the cost of our hosting expenses as we expanded our service areas. After careful consideration and interviewing several hosting providers, we chose CoreVault as the best value for the price. But beyond that, their customer service has been excellent from the outset and continues to this day. On a scale of one to 10, I'd have to rate them as a 10. I would definitely recommend CoreVault to other customers.”

Healthback selected CoreVault’s Cloud IaaS solution because it consolidates security, flexibility, built-in backup and data protection into one, turnkey cloud-based solution. It leverages the latest VMware technology, including vCloud Director for easy deployment, migration and implementation of multi-tenant private clouds. A VMware vCloud Powered Partner, CoreVault provides cloud based solutions for backup, recovery and IaaS to customers in 37 states. Its services are endorsed by professional associations in the legal, healthcare and financial services industries representing over 500,000 business professionals.

CoreVault’s Cloud IaaS offers multiple advantages for Healthback, including:


 • High Performance with minimized risk and maximized security.


 • Easy deployment that virtually automates infrastructure virtualization.


 • High availability Service Level Agreement guarantee.


 • Built-in backup with an additional layer of redundancy, plus failover and replication.


 • Cost savings that benefit the bottom line by reducing capital expenses.


 • Flexibility to access applications and data from anywhere at anytime.


 Since implementing the CoreVault Cloud IaaS solution, Healthback now has the secure cloud infrastructure to support its continued growth. Employees at each of its 45 regional offices can easily and reliably access their critical medical application data and Healthback’s IT staff has complete control over the application without the burden or cost of managing the infrastructure. From implementation to ongoing support, the CoreVault Cloud IaaS solution has delivered just what the doctor ordered for Healthback.

“Our Cloud IaaS solution is an ideal choice for any organization that has multiple offices that need reliable access to datacenter data and don’t want to make heavy investments in an on-premise infrastructure,” said Jim Rutherford, president, CoreVault. “We pair our innovative cloud-based IaaS solution with customer support and services that are simply world-class, so that customers experience truly superior data protection and business availability.”