ENR California Magazine has named Rosendin Electric Specialty Contractor of the Year inCalifornia. Rosendin Electric, the nation’s largest private electrical contractor and a 100% employee-owned company, was singled out for its financial and geographic growth, and ongoing commitment to community involvement. In announcing the award, Robert Carlsen, regional editor of ENR California, wrote: “Rosendin Electric has successfully expanded into a number of marketplaces, such asVirginia,Texas,CanadaandGuam, and has focused profitably on wind farms and data centers. And, again, not surprisingly, with revenue gains and geographic expansion comes hiring: Rosendin Electric’s employee count was 2,150 employees in December 2009, 2,290 in December 2010 and 2,465 in June 2011. The firm traditionally puts great emphasis on community involvement with such organizations as the San Francisco AIDS Walk, Diabetes “Step Out,” and Habitat for Humanity. Rosendin Electric also worked with Project HOPE to restore a 73-bed hospital inMilot, Haitias part of the Haiti Earthquake Relief effort.” Rosendin Electric demonstrated a growth of 26 percent inCaliforniarevenue over the last year.  The company also opened a Mid-Atlantic regional office, completed the acquisition of KST Electric in Texas, and expanded field operations with work in Canada and GuamThis is the third industry award we have garnered in the last couple of weeks, clearly marking another banner year for Rosendin Electric,” said Tom Sorely, Chairman and CEO of Rosendin Electric. “We have a bright and dedicated team with extensive expertise in design build, data center, solar, wind power, and other areas of specialization that continue to give us a leg up on our competitors. This award is a great testament to the commitment of everyone in the Rosendin Electric family.”