Vantage Data Centers has purchased 63 acres of land for the development of enterprise class data centers in Quincy, WA. A Fortune 50 leading manufacturing and technology company has signed a lease to be the first customer at the Washington campus.

 The Vantage Washington Campus will develop in several phases, starting with a 6MW state-of-the-art, enterprise class data center, vertically scalable to 9MW.  The 100% pre-leased Phase One includes a one story, 133,000-sq-ft data center uniquely designed for vertical scalability and high efficiency across modules with varying power draws.  The facility will act as an integral part of the optimization of the customer’s complex data center capacity, hardware refresh and portfolio power planning, company-wide.

Subsequent phases will include the creation of a 105,000-sq-ft Enterprise Technology Center and 235,000 additional sq ft of data center space. Ground breaking for Phase One will begin October 2011 with completion slated for August 2012.

The Enterprise Technology Center will combine corporate office and data center space. The corporate offices will house up to 100 employees and will include executive offices, conference rooms, and meeting areas.

Vantage selected Quincy because of the area’s low-cost/low carbon/ultra-green hydro power served by the Columbia River Basin, an unequaled source of renewable power in North America. The Quincy project will mark Vantage’s second campus designed for LEED Platinum certification and further validates its commitment to sustainable design and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Clean hydro power, combined with Vantage design and collaboration expertise, will help Vantage customers minimize operating expenses while supporting clean energy initiatives.  The project also includes the construction of a dedicated 75 MW 2N (fully redundant) substation and high efficiency distribution electrical systems.

 “Vantage Quincy will take what we accomplished in Santa Clara to a new level of scale, customization and innovation,” said Jim Trout, Vantage Data Centers’ CEO.  “Our Quincy facilities will surpass all expectations of today’s wholesale data centers and will be designed and developed with unprecedented collaboration between provider and end-user.  In combination with Santa Clara, our customers will now be provided with global portfolio options for connectivity, network resources and immensely scalable, clean, and green power.”

 Unlike the traditional “one size fits all” approach, Vantage data center expertise reduces costs and risks, and achieves superior operating advantage for its customers. Vantage is able to offer such superior results due to the deep collaboration its design engineers develop with its customers engineering departments.  It is this engineer-to-engineer interaction, integrated with Vantage’s intellectual property and capabilities, which produces outstanding, best-in-class data center outcomes.