Rubicon Professional Services has announced the formation of its new Technical Services Group. The new services group will offer an integrated approach to planning and designing data centers while ensuring construction projects are built right—the first time—while adhering to budget. Today’s announcement underscores the need to quickly expand and build new data centers to contain and facilitate the rapid expansion of digital information.

Throughout the design and build process, Rubicon’s Technical Services Group considers the mechanical, electrical, architectural, and energy requirements of data center projects. Leveraging established relationships with equipment suppliers and its Energy Services expertise, Rubicon now offers the procurement of energy efficient, state-of-the-art equipment with a comprehensive approach to ensure optimal constructability throughout the project. Benefits include:


  • Reduced time to permit and construction
  • Additional revenue per square footage of data center space
  • Enhanced performance of data center mechanical and electrical systems
  • Reduced data center operational costs through energy-efficient equipment and optimized conditioning requirements

“Master planning is a crucial element to the success of any data center construction project and, if not done properly, can subject the project to costly delays,” said Jim Embley, CEO of Rubicon Professional Services. “Rubicon’s New Technical Services Group brings a unique owner’s perspective in designing and building data centers. The Group will leverage a balanced, holistic approach based on extensive knowledge of the data center infrastructure to bring 100 percent constructability at its core and on-budget project delivery from conceptual design through construction and commissioning.”

Additionally, Rubicon’s Technical Services Group provides


  • Mechanical design for power efficiency: With licensed mechanical engineers trained on the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs providing early analysis and validation of the strength of all types of mechanical cooling systems for data centers, the Group integrates mechanical systems and electrical systems for optimal performance and a low calculated Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value.
  • Electrical design for demanding loads: The demand for reliable, powerful electrical systems has never been greater as data centers meet the stringent requirements of financial companies, healthcare, and other critical industries. Rubicon’s licensed electrical engineers go beyond traditional electrical designs and seek means and methods for implementing highly reliable power paths to the critical infrastructure while applying prudent capital against customer timelines. This includes integration of equipment that matches reliability, cost and procurement duration criteria that will result in timely commissioning and project delivery to commence with revenue opportunities.
  • Architectural design for state-of-the-art structures: Rubicon’s architectural engineering design expertise spans site planning and selection, space planning for new facilities, and renovation planning to augment an existing facility to increase power per square foot. The final product optimizes the data center infrastructure while generating the most revenue per square foot as possible with the right mix of mechanical and electrical solutions.
  • Energy Services for improved ROI: Additionally, Rubicon’s Energy Services team works closely with the Technical Services Group engaging in every design to save energy and reduce costs across all phases of the data center’s lifecycle. By examining the energy consumption at the proposed data center, the team explores the energy rebate opportunities to be gained by incorporating high-efficiency equipment for a better ROI. Rubicon goes beyond standard energy efficiency audits and kW reduction strategies by integrating environmental, technical, legal, financial, and administrative functions into a comprehensive energy strategy.