Vantage Data Centers has announced that just 12 months following its launch in the summer of 2010, the company is more than two years ahead of plan in developing and leasing its Santa Clara Campus.

Vantage’s recent customer wins include leaders in social networking, social commerce, online social gaming, cloud services, and storage and video game development. They selected Vantage Data Centers because of unmatched customer collaboration and focus, innovation, location, electrical and mechanical redundancy, and attractive total cost of ownership attributes.

As a result, Vantage’s Santa Clara Campus is already 93 percent leased in its first two buildings, V3 and V2. In coming weeks, sales will begin for V1, the third Santa Clara data center building, with 10MW and an additional 90,000 sq ft of Powered Shell coming online over the next two quarters.

“While the demand environment in Silicon Valley is clearly robust, this market is also one of the world’s most competitive. We chose to launch Vantage in such an environment to prove that we could excel in a highly competitive marketplace with established players that have lost touch with critical innovations and enterprise requirements. After having initial success in this market, Vantage is confident it can bring this same, much needed, customer-centric approach to virtually any data center market,” says Jim Trout, CEO of Vantage Data Centers.

The first building in the campus to come online, V3, is a 6MW facility and was commissioned in January 2011. V3 was recently certified LEED Platinum for its energy efficient design, further evidenced by a 1.20 (economization) to 1.29 (full mechanical) Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating. Currently, four leases have been signed for this building, representing virtually all of its available space. V2, a 9 MW facility with the ability to dynamically scale to 18MW, will complete construction and commissioning this month, just seven months after construction began. This building is 100 percent pre-leased.

“Vantage competed with the major incumbent wholesale providers to win each of these leases, proving that customers want a new approach to address their IT infrastructure needs. Vantage is the first truly enterprise-class solution for customers; we are building the data center that you would build for your company.”

A New Data Center Model Driven by Collaboration, Innovation and True Scalability
The Vantage Santa Clara campus represents a new approach to developing and leasing wholesale data centers, with rigorous attention paid to unique customer requirements, from mechanical and electrical architecture to employee amenities and workflow processes. The result is a new campus- and customer-centric approach with distinct solutions to specific requirements, and partnerships with some of the world’s most demanding customers.

“In almost every instance our customers have gained significant additional savings to their long term plans as a result of multiple levels of scalability produced through rigorous planning and engineering collaboration. In many instances, our minimum standard has exceeded the customer-requested spec. This intimate and collaborative approach between customer and provider takes the typical ‘landlord-tenant’ relationship seen in this industry and turns it on its head, creating a new class of technology infrastructure that the market truly needs,” says Jim Trout. “True scalability is not based upon just building more capacity, but is rooted in highly engineered initial deployments that scale vertically within the data center, provide decreasing marginal cost to operations, and is achieved quickly with stable, continuous operation.”