ESD (Environmental Systems Design, Inc.), a specialist in mission critical facilities, has been awarded a contract to design Data Realty’s 50,000-sq-ft data center/collocation facility in South Bend, IA.

Located within the newly founded Ignition Technology Park in South Bend, the facility replaces the Studebaker plant that closed over 50 years ago. The Data Realty project is the first project within the park, and is an example of South Bend’s commitment to attract and retain progressive projects within the South Bend area. This, coupled with Norte Dame’s IT and R&D programs, provide additional incentives to work closely with the community.

“A benefit of this data center’s greenfield design, is a modular layout resulting in one of the most cost effective and efficient designs within the data center industry,” notes Paul Schlattman, vice president of ESD Mission Critical Facilities. “This unique site caters to the university sector, hospitals, local businesses as well as disaster recovery data centers from Indianapolis to Chicago.”

“The timing of this project is perfect, especially when considering that there is no space available in the Chicago market for new data center customers. In addition, we are designing space that far exceeds our competition in regard to efficiency and quality. Design efficiencies that are incorporated to create a Green effect include free cooling and high efficiency UPS modules/electrical system,” said Rich Carlton of Data Realty.

The new data center/collocation facility is targeted to be complete by July/August 2012.