Quality Technology Services (QTS) has announced that it has been selected by Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN), a leader in electronic payment processing services, for enterprise data center services in QTS’ Atlanta Metro Data Center the second largest data center in the world.

“QTS offered Global Payments a collaborative approach to designing a custom data center solution to meet our specific needs,” said Guido Sacchi, chief information officerGlobal Payments. “As a company with stringent IT infrastructure requirements, Global Payments is focused on sustaining growth while continuing to provide superior service levels to our customers. The PowerBank product will allow us to change our power commitments during the term of our contract while still providing the stable, redundant, and secure environment necessary to support our business.”

QTS revolutionized the data center industry by introducing, PowerBank, along with its sister product PowerFle, in the first quarter of 2011. The industry-first products allow enterprise customers to change power and space commitments during the term of their contract, mitigating the risks associated with forecasting exact space and power requirements years in advance.

PowerBank offers clients the opportunity to contract for of the power and space they expect to need, with options to scale back footprint and better align spending and infrastructure utilization in the event of unforeseen business changes. With 3.1 million square feet available in 12 facilities coast-to-coast, QTS’ portfolio of data centers offers the size and scale for customers needing flexibility and scalability to adjust to technology upgrades and growth.

“We continue to see enterprise customers like Global Payments who are looking to leverage the investments QTS has made in building large, robust, secure and redundant data centers,” said Tesh Durvasula, chief marketing and business officerQTS. “With our best-in-class facilities and our commitment to offer flexible solutions for our customers, QTS continues to be a market leader for enterprise users.”