Steel ORCA has hired Dennis Cronin as chief operating officer for Steel ORCA’s 730,000-sq-ft digital utility center (DUC) located in Falls Township in southeastern Pennsylvania. Dennis has more than 37 years of experience designing, constructing and operating mission critical facilities. He is one of the founders and Director Emeritus of the 7x24 Exchange, is a columnist for Mission Critical Magazine and is an active blogger on mission critical subject matter. Dennis has held roles as an end user/operator for large financial companies such as UBS, Smith Barney, and Shearson/American Express that heavily rely on mission critical systems and is a forensic specialist providing analysis of facility operational processes.

"I truly believe in the Steel ORCA vision. There are several types of data centers in the industry today, Steel ORCA’s Digital Utility Center takes the best of breed technology platforms and weaves them into one of the most efficient compute facilities in today’s market. My job is to leverage many years of experience and apply them to the Steel ORCA roadmap and operational milestones," said Cronin.

"Dennis is very well respected in this industry. His involvement in over 40 TIER III and IV data centers brings added credibility to Steel ORCA. As a company we are doing something different, and it takes a team that has both vision and experience to make this project a reality. We look forward to working with Dennis to lead our team with innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally considerate digital utility designs," said David Crocker, CEO of Steel ORCA.