Eaton Corporation’s Foreseer software and engineering services provide customized evaluations to deliver power and energy infrastructure integration. These services offer vendor-independent solutions designed to help data centers, hospitals, industrial facilities, financial institutions, and other organizations reduce energy consumption and downtime. The Foreseer software and services are tailored for a wide range of organizations, accommodating single locations with thousands of data inputs or widespread global enterprises with hundreds of remote locations. Foreseer software was developed to deliver a single monitoring and management system that ties thousands of complex devices together and builds intelligence around them. Additional customizable services include 24/7 data gathering and dependable trend analysis and forecasting tools. In addition, an extensive, multi-vendor device-driven library of interfaces is available, as well as customizable graphic user interfaces that accurately depict individual sites. Foreseer software is accessible through a Web browser that allows users to gain a remote, customizable view of critical facilities from anywhere in the world.