Integral Group (formerly Rumsey Engineers) has announced that the Moraga Barn, in Moraga, CA, and ClimateWorks Headquarters Phase 2, in San Francisco, were both awarded LEED Platinum certifications by the USGBC. These are the firm's 9th and 10th LEED Platinum certified buildings for the Oakland office. Integral specializes in the design of simple, elegant, cost-effective HVAC systems for critical and green building environments. Though a relatively small firm, Integral Group is a heavy-hitter in the world of LEED-the few firms that have more LEED Platinum Certifications than Integral are no less than 10 times its size. Integral was the first firm in the US to achieve 7 LEED Platinum projects. The firm is expecting to complete 17 more LEED Platinum projects that are currently in design.

Built in 1914, the Moraga Barn is the oldest building in Moraga and houses the headquarters for Canyon Construction. The design achieved LEED Platinum by going above and beyond the normal green building practices to demonstrate the most effective, efficient and refined construction principles available today. Canyon Construction and Integral Group created one of the most innovative green buildings in the country using an ultra energy and water efficient design, salvaged and sustainably harvested materials, and 100 percent on-site renewable electricity production.

The mechanical system features an in-slab radiant heating and cooling system with chilled water produced by a ground-source coupled chiller and hot water by a 95 percent efficient condensing gas boiler. Natural ventilation, including operable windows and rooftop cupola, provides a high degree of user control and allows natural night cooling. Three 5,000 gal cement tanks are buried in the courtyard and collect the rain water that will irrigate the property.

ClimateWorks is an international philanthropic network dedicated to achieving low-carbon prosperity headquartered in the Russ Building-a California State Historic Landmark building in the heart of the San Francisco Financial District. The ClimateWorks Foundation headquarters office makes use of many inherently sustainable features of the original 1929 building.

The building's concrete thermal mass acts like a flywheel maintaining a relatively constant temperature, responding slowly to temperature changes, and greatly reducing daytime peak cooling needs. Natural ventilation is provided through operable windows, existing radiators were retrofitted and refurbished, and the building's thin floorplate provides abundant natural daylight. Energy efficient systems include a dedicated outside air system which provides excellent indoor air quality; compressor-free cooling during most of the year; daylighting and low energy lighting; a CO2control/demand based ventilation control; low pressure drop duct design; and low pressure drop air handler design and selection.

These successful historic renovations demonstrate the attainability of sustainability in existing buildings. Integral Group strives to make sustainable and energy efficient design accessible, readily attainable and cost effective for all building types.

Integral Group has been a consistent leader in the development of new and innovative mechanical systems that significantly reduce building energy use. Integral Group differs from other firms in their commitment to green buildings-all of their projects are focused on sustainable design. The firm's mission is to fundamentally change building practices to be dramatically more sustainable and resource efficient.