DVL Group has announced the completion of a state-of-the-art data center at the Microsoft Technology Center in Philadelphia, among Microsoft’s newest and largest.

Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) provide access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, enabling companies to envision, design, and deploy solutions that meet the existing and projected needs of their customers. The Philadelphia MTC, located in the nearby suburb of Malvern, PA is one of 24 such facilities worldwide.

“The challenge with this project was implementing an infrastructure design that would support constant and continuous IT equipment changes while providing a functioning model of a world-class data center,” said Gary Hill, DVL’s VP of Business Development. “This data center is located in the lobby behind floor-to-ceiling glass walls, so anyone who walks into the building sees it immediately. With IT and facilities managers from different industries visiting the MTC, we wanted to create a data center that exceeds the technical needs of its users and visually demonstrates the concept of the Emerson Network Power’s SmartAisle solution.”

Emerson Network Power’s Liebert business approached DVL in 2010 with the opportunity to participate in the MTC project. Collaborating with Microsoft and their Architectural consulting team, a design was created that includes 16 Knurr DCM racks, a 200kVA Liebert NX Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) and 6 Liebert CRV row-based cooling systems. Four of the racks incorporate the innovative Liebert MPX power distribution strip that allows power receptacle exchanges without a shutdown. To provide effective data center infrastructure management (DCIM), the Liebert NForm monitoring system and the Avocent DC Planner are also installed, showcasing proactive monitoring solutions that enable Microsoft to manage all the Emerson power and cooling products. The result is a highly functional data center meant to be seen and experienced firsthand.

The new MTC data center complements DVL’s Efficiency Lab located in Bristol, PA, providing customers with an easily accessed demonstration of DVL’s capabilities. “As an intelligent and advanced data center, professionals can experience it without affecting operations or development,” said Hill. “And, given the location, it’s very close to our customers. We look forward to inviting clients to see our efficient solutions in a live, operating environment.”