Alamy has announced that NYI will oversee its infrastructure upgrade for North America, starting in New York. This decision is due to growing US sales of the company's images, which have increased 30% in the past year alone.

"NYI is great partner for us," said Richard Taylor, Alamy's head of production. "When we launched out of their New York facility in 2010, their team worked with us to create a flexible, cost-effective deployment that enabled us to test our model for a new market. Now that it is such a success, we are scaling up our presence in their New York facility."

"What this means for customers," he continued, "is that preview images, in addition to overall increased efficiency, will appear up to eight times faster than was previously the case, making it a lightning fast experience!”

"Alamy has a great business model," said Phillip Koblence, vice president, operations, NYI. "Its rapid growth is due in large part to the company’s total web focus as well as its treatment of content providers. Alamy is also deeply committed to customer service and appreciates the value of infrastructure investment."

"The US market has exceeded even our most optimistic projections," added Fabienne Read, Alamy's U.S. sales team manager. "With this expansion, we are keeping up with demand among US editorial publishers and exploring other market segments. We anticipate even greater success in the untapped area of commercial photography."