Romonet has introduced Prognose, the world’s first and only predictive modelling software suite that enables companies who are designing, building, operating, and managing data centers and IT facilities to fully understand how designs or changes to facilities or IT workloads will impact their business.

Prognose offers data center operators and decision makers the ability to understand and control costs, energy use, and risk throughout the entire data center lifecycle. The new suite of software tools uses sophisticated mathematical simulation to accurately model and compare performance, operational efficiency and costs across a wide range of ‘what if’ scenarios-all without any intrusion or impact on business operations.

“Data center operators around the world are under increasing pressure to reduce business risk, control operational cost and maximize capital asset utilization while at the same time facing rising energy costs and increasing compliance regulations,“ says Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of Romonet. “Being able to accurately predict energy consumption, total cost and reduce risk is crucial to understanding and optimizing performance both today and in the future."

Two years in development, Prognose was the brainchild of leading data center specialists Zahl Limbuwala, chief executive officer, and Liam Newcombe, chief technical officer-both of whom are leading industry contributors in the international harmonization of data center metrics within the Green Grid, European Commission, US-EPA and US-DoE working groups. They saw the need for businesses to be able to accurately account for cost, energy, capacity and carbon on a granular, per service level in order to understand and optimize data center performance and efficiency.

“Rising energy costs and capacity issues, and the emergence of cloud services, are driving the need to better understand and manage diverse data center cost scenarios,” says Rhonda Ascierto, senior analyst, energy & sustainability Technology at Ovum. “Part of the challenge has been to accurately predict the cost of IT services. We see predictive modelling tools as a significant step forward in providing insight into reducing data center operational costs.”

Prognose has already been used by industry leading companies, including Fujitsu, hurleypalmerflatt, Intel, Skanska, Syska Hennessy, and Thomson Reuters Market. Charles Rego, chief data center architect at Intel commented, “Prognose could be a game-changer as the leading TCO/Predictive modeling solution for the data center industry.”