Verizon has cancelled plans to build a data center in Wyoming. Gaye Stockman, president and CEO of Laramie Economic Development Corporation, was informed that Verizon now has no plans for any construction of new sites.

In December 2010, Verizon had executed an offer to purchase Laramie property, as a possible site for one of two Verizon Mega Data Centers in the United States. Verizon was attracted to Laramie, WY, due to its redundant power sources, fiber capabilities, and quality business climate offered at this location, says the company.

Another attraction is Laramie's cool climate, which is supportive to efficient data center operations. In addition, the Wyoming Legislature recently implemented HB 117, providing enhanced sales tax incentives for data centers. Laramie's proposed site offered Verizon extensive room for growth and expansion."

Stockman explained, “Subsequently, Verizon acquired Terremark through a merger acquisition in mid-April of this year. The acquisition occurred after Verizon abandoned plans to build a mega data center in the New York State area.”

According to Stockman, "Because Wyoming received substantial national press as a result of Verizon's option to purchase, there has been much attention from mega data center site selectors who are interested in potential growth in our region." Stockman emphasized, “We demonstrated to Verizon, a uniform vision pertaining to the diversification of Laramie's economy. This vision included the City, the County, the State and elected officials. We are prepared to move forward swiftly to implement that vision."