Leading Edge Design Group,has announced their customer, Varian Semiconductor, has received a $60,000 National Grid incentive for data center energy efficiency. Varian recently completed the next-generation data center, which supports enterprise IT operations from their Gloucester, MA headquarters. The data center design and construction administration was provided by Leading Edge Design Group who worked collaboratively with National Grid to provide the data center financing incentives to achieve ROI sooner.

“Customer interest in improving efficiency for both new and existing facilities that support data processing equipment is growing remarkably,” said Fran Boucher, Commercial Energy Efficiency, National Grid. “The Varian project was an ideal opportunity for National Grid to work with a customer and provide efficiency incentives to make this project even more cost effective.”

The new Varian Semiconductor data center includes a modular design and a POD-based layout for the whitespace, enabling Varian to maximize rack densities and incrementally implement new systems without downtime. To maximize efficiency, the data center uses a chilled-water infrastructure with substantial free-cooling capabilities and variable-speed In Row Cooling. By raising the supply air temperatures in the data center, Varian is recognizing over 100,000kWh per year of free cooling.

“We are pleased to add Varian Semiconductor to our list of data center customers reaping the benefits of today’s energy efficiency incentive programs,” said Todd Boucher, Principal, Leading Edge Design Group. “Varian’s project is an excellent example of how an organization can cost-effectively balance their commitment to sustainability without compromising reliability or redundancy in the data center.