Searchlight Solutions Ltd. has decided to market its services to Government IT departments, based on recent statements from Vivek Kundra, the U.S. Chief Technology Officer, who estimates $20B of the total $80B US Federal Budget on IT will be for cloud-based spending in 2012.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Treasury, and Department of Defense are the three largest potential consumers of cloud computing IT systems and services, according to Kundra, with estimates of $2.5B spending each for DHS and Treasury departments alone.

Referring to the recently released,Federal Cloud Computing Strategy Document,Kundra stated, "To harness the benefits of cloud computing, we have instituted a Cloud First policy. This policy is intended to accelerate the pace at which the government will realize the value of cloud computing by requiring agencies to evaluate safe, secure cloud computing options before making any new investments."

Additionally, Market Research Media reports that U.S. Federal Cloud Computing Market Forecast 2010-2015 will equal over $26B. Searchlight feels well positioned through its subsidiary Linux labs, which has previously served government agencies, and feels it can translate that success to its HPC cloud services.