The EMerge Alliance has announced a new wave of organizations joining the Alliance. The newest members of the EMerge Alliance include:
  • GE Energy – Participating Member
  • Intel Corporation – Participating Member
  • Universal Electric Corporation – Starline DC Solutions – Participating Member
  • PulseStar Technologies – Participating Member (upgrade)
  • Power-One – General Member
  • NextEnergy Center – Corresponding Member
  • Dynamic Supplier Alignment – Supporting Member
The Alliance and its members continue to advance the green, net-zero energy commercial building movement through their collaborative effort to bring the benefits of hybrid AC-DC power architectures to occupied spaces, data centers, building services and outdoor applications. According to Alliance Chairman Brian Patterson, the Alliance’s vision is to generate a family of DC power distribution standards that meet the evolving needs of businesses and facilities today.

“There is an increasing demand for improved reliability and energy efficiency across the entire commercial building envelope, and DC power is the most efficient solution,” said Patterson. “We’re very pleased to see these companies join the visionaries who started this movement. The time has never been better to join the DC power movement and provide solutions that make buildings more efficient, flexible and sustainable than ever before.”

Since its launch in 2008, the Alliance completed the development of the first EMerge Alliance Standard for occupied spaces in its first year, released nearly 50 EMerge Alliance Registered products and started a new effort focused on incorporating DC microgrids in data and telecommunications centers. With more than 15 demonstration sites in data centers and commercial interiors across the country, the Alliance is committed to educating the market on the benefits of DC power applications throughout various platforms.

The EMerge Alliance is accepting new members at various levels, with ongoing opportunities to be involved in standards development, product registration and system applications. Visitwww.EMergealliance.orgfor more information.