Cyber warfare is the current single greatest emerging threat to national security. In 2010, nations worldwide placed cyberwar at the forefront of their defense planning, and provision of government cyber solutions is the single greatest growth market in the defense and security sector. Based on the new cyber warfare market research, available on, global spending in 2011 on cyber warfare will reach $12.5 billion.

Events in 2010 such as the discovery of the Stuxnet virus have left little doubt as to the potential implications of nations failing to develop adequate cyber warfare capabilities. Cyber warfare is no longer seen as an aside to conventional defense but as a fourth area of operations alongside air, land and sea. As cyberspace revolutionizes the way nations see their defense, a whole new market for defense sales is rapidly growing. As many nations seek to reduce overall defense expenditures, understanding this complex and vibrant new cyber warfare market will be vital for companies seeking to grow in the defense sector.

Recent defense budget cuts in Europe show that cyber warfare is high on the agenda, overall defense budgets are cut but cyber warfare investments have increased significantly.