Anixter has launched its 2011 seminar series ipAssured: Converged Infrastructure Solutions for Data Centers. This seminar is dedicated to helping data center and IT professionals be more successful in designing and specifying proven networking solutions and technical best practices designed to keep a data center in pace with rapidly evolving network demands and innovations.

Data centers are central to operations, customer relations, commerce, social networking and content production. Anixter’s annual seminar series is dedicated to helping professionals that work in the data center space learn more about the infrastructure choices and technologies that support that active equipment. You’ll learn about the latest cabling technologies, power and energy management options, IP video and access control solutions, and thermal monitoring from Anixter technical experts, industry leaders, and manufacturer partners.

“Over the last decade, the transformation of enterprise networks through the innovative use of technology has allowed voice, video and data systems to be seamlessly integrated for improved management and increased cost effectiveness,” said Andy Jimenez, Anixter’s Vice President of Technology for Enterprise Cabling Systems. “The seminar series ipAssured: Converged Infrastructure Solutions for Data Centers will address the latest trends in data center design such as virtualization, application convergence, cooling strategies, and regulatory compliance that are fundamentally reshaping the traditional approaches that have been applied to the design of the physical infrastructure systems for data centers.”

At Anixter’s 2011 seminar series, attendees will learn the best practices to deal with the new requirements of energy efficiency, physical security and network reliability. With industry experts in the security, data center and networking fields answering attendee questions along with manufacturer displays and the opportunity for BICSI credit, Anixter’s 2011 seminar series pushes to the forefront of data center optimization, security and sustainability. Instead of a typical slide presentation, Anixter is presenting the seminar at premiere movie theaters across North America. Because the challenges facing the data center industry are complex, Anixter is creating a more visual and engaging presentation to better educate attendees on the latest infrastructure trends and technologies.

The seminar will allow attendees to:
  • Gain insight into critical data center issues and emerging technologies
  • Improve data center design with expertise and guidance from industry-leading experts
  • Network with manufacturers presenting the latest solutions for data centers
  • Earn BICSI credit
  • Participate in a live panel discussion with a variety of industry experts from TZ, The Green Grid, ONVIF, TIA and IEEE
  • Learn about Anixter’s Data Center HealthCheck, which evaluates the energy and power efficiency of a data center.
Anixter has invited several distinguished industry experts to speak at various seminars across the country. With experience in the development of telecommunications industry standards, sustainable data center operations, physical security strategies and energy management, the seminar’s presenters have a wide knowledge base to share with attendees. Below are the experts that will present at various shows.
  • Benjamin Butchko, senior security engineer
  • Brad Booth, founder of the Ethernet Alliance
  • Chris DiMinico, leader on several IEEE committees
  • David Pickut, CTO for Equinix
  • Jeff Wood, Anixter’s Marketing Director of Power and Cooling
  • Jonathan Jew, co-chair on many standards committees including the TIA
  • Louis DeFalco, ABC Corporate Director of Safety, Security and Investigations
  • Severin Sorensen, independent security consultant
  • Ted Behrens, Vice President of Product Management, Electronics/Software
  • Travis North, electromechanical and heat transfer expert
Dates and Cities
  • May 24 – Atlanta, GA
  • June 9 – New York, NY
  • June 30 – Minneapolis, MN
  • July 14 – Seattle, WA
  • August 4 – San Francisco, CA
  • August 11 – Raleigh, NC
  • September 8 – Washington, D.C.
  • October 4 – Vancouver, BC
  • October 6 – Calgary, AB
  • October 20 – Dallas, TX
  • November 1 – Rosemont, IL
  • November 3 – Denver, CO
To register for the seminar series, visit Anixter on the Web