Modius, Inc. has announced that its OpenData Enterprise Edition will integrate Intel Data Center Manager (Intel DCM), a real-time data center power and thermal management solution that captures power and temperature data from a broad range of IT equipment.

Intel DCM will enhance OpenData Enterprise Edition with increased visibility and analytics by providing energy intelligence about critical IT and facilities assets, helping IT and data center managers better understand and manage the power consumption of their computing resources. By integrating Intel DCM directly into Modius OpenData, it will enable a set of functionality not previously available before:
  • Device- and rack-level capacity analysis with real-time alarming for power deviations
  • Device- and rack-level temperature analysis with real-time alarming for temperature deviations
  • End-to-end visibility of the power chain from the UPS to individual servers
  • Floor-level cold spot and hot spot identification and remediation
The benefits to data center managers resultant of this technology integration include:
  • Improved data center efficiency and lower power costs
  • Expanded data center capacity
  • Early warning of data center problems and potential outages
OpenData’s operational intelligence, enabled by the reach and granularity of its data, capture the accuracy of its analytics, and the extensibility of its feature set to utilize the latest data center metrics, helps IT and data center managers better understand and manage the power consumption of their computing resources.

“We are delighted to work with an industry leader like Intel,” said Craig Compiano, CEO of Modius. “This collaboration between Intel and Modius results in a comprehensive solution that gives data center and facilities managers greater visibility into the operational efficiency of their IT equipment, as well as other equipment key to their mission critical ecosystem, such as Power Distribution Units (PDUs) .”

“Intel Data Center Manager coupled with OpenData Enterprise Edition enables data center operators to gauge device-level performance and take actionable steps to plan for capacity and reduce energy consumption,” said Jeffrey Klaus, director, Data Center Solutions, Intel. “OpenData dashboards and reports with data from Intel DCM gives operators increased intelligence across a heterogeneous landscape of IT and facilities equipment.”

OpenData has several important features for data center monitoring and analysis, including new reports for tracking current values by customizable groups, new statistical analysis tools for calculating energy consumption, and other performance metrics, and improved visualization of systems and subsystems to easily identify performance anomalies, patterns, and trends across different groupings of equipment.