Power Assure, Inc., a data center infrastructure management solutions provider, today introduced at Uptime Institute’s Symposium 2011 Data Center Analytics for its Energy Management software version 4 (EM/4) software platform. Data Center Analytics gives data center operators for the first time the ability to analyze and synthesize the overwhelming amount of raw data now available on data center equipment performance and turn it into useful business information to improve the efficiency, capacity and performance of their data centers. Additionally, Power Assure will showcase its suite of energy management software during the event at booth #507.

“Change is constant in data centers of all sizes because of extreme processing capacity growth, the introduction of new technologies, and more intense security concerns,” said Andy Lawrence, research director, Datacenter Technologies, The451 Group.

“Datacenters are becoming much more complex and much more dynamic. The only way for organizations to effectively deliver a good service to their business users is through a much closer alignment of facilities and IT. Data center analytics enables IT management to visualize, control, and maximize the efficiency of data centers in a cost-effective manner as business requirements change.”

Power Assure EM/4 software delivers innovative analytics to help data center managers quickly visualize and identify areas of inefficiencies in a comprehensive way. Power Assure software extracts data from many available sources, including facilities equipment, IT devices, building management systems, inventory management systems, change management systems, capacity planning systems, network management systems, power monitoring systems, and server/application management systems. The software mines relevant data from these systems and synthesizes the data into a single database of useful information that data center managers can then use to accurately understand, model and predict data center behavior.

“It’s well-known that analyzing business data can provide strategic benefits and help executives make more informed decisions about the financial side of their business,” said Brad Wurtz, president and CEO, Power Assure, Inc. “This same visibility and intelligence can now be applied to data centers. There are so many individual sources of data about data center performance and behavior that it is very difficult to synthesize this data into meaningful information on a regular, real-time basis without a lot of manual calculation. Power Assure extracts the meaningful data from all IT and facilities systems, and integrates it into a single database, delivering the first data center analytics system for understanding and improving data center performance and efficiency.”

With this release, Power Assure gives IT managers real-time insight and intelligence into their data center performance, along with the ability to simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios, thus maximizing use of available space and power, and extending the useful life of virtually any data center.

Key features of Power Assure Energy Management software V4, include:
  • Real-time IT and facilities efficiency and utilization metrics, allowing data center managers to see easily and automatically where inefficiencies exist. For example:
    • Space utilization
    • Power utilization
    • CPU utilization
    • Network utilization
    • Application utilization
  • What-if analysis/scenario planning and reporting, leveraging PAR4, Power Assure’s IT energy efficiency measurement method and rating. This allows data center managers to make intelligent decisions on how to improve the efficiency and utilization of their costly data center assets. These include specific tools to look at:
    • Server and data center consolidation
    • Server refresh requirements and ROI
    • Data center capacity
Availability and Pricing
Power Assure EM/4 will be generally available at the end of Q2.