The National Data Center Practice Group is reporting it has 70,000 sq ft of network-rich data center space available directly across the street from Digital Realty’s One Wilshire and 600 W 7th location.

The location features:
  • Electricity costs 20% less than most buildings in downtown Los Angeles due to 34.5 kV feeds.
  • 24 MVA of power available with dual feeds of 34.5 kV.
  • $18 million of data center infrastructure available-installed in 2001.
  • 2000 tons of condenser water piped to the floors available with an additional 1,000 tons more available.
  • Mounting positions for up to 13 1,500 kW generators, 13 2,000 gal fuel storage tanks, and the attendant switch gear, automatic transfer switches, and transformers.
  • Five, 5-in. conduits from the power building to each floor for power distribution.
  • 25,000 gal of water storage for makeup water. Only this building and Digital Realty’s 600 W. 7th location have makeup water in case of a natural disaster. None of the other telecom buildings, including One Wilshire, have makeup water.
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