Ascent Corporation announced advances on development of its CH2 Data Center, a multi-tenant data center facility offering autonomous build-to-suit suites.  The new facility will be among the most powerful data center developments in the United States, providing customers with Dynamic Data Center Suites that can be customized in a variety of ways to accommodate critical systems operations.

CH2 Data Center in Northlake, located in close proximity to the 120 megawatt CH1 Data Center Ascent delivered in 2009, will feature power advantages, superior diverse neutral connectivity, custom-tailored flexible design models, and operational services to match each tenant’s business and technical requirements.  Compute spaces in CH2 will range from 10,000-250,000+ square feet and customers will have the option to fit-out and maintain autonomous Powered Suites themselves or lease fully built out autonomous space on a Turnkey Infrastructure Suite basis.  Customers can utilize Ascent’s data center expertise throughout the build-out phase and can elect to take advantage of Ascent’s fully managed maintenance service capabilities following commissioning.

Ascent recently secured substantial funding to complete the project build-out and subsequently closed on the 280,000 square foot facility.  The company is building an onsite dedicated substation which will deliver a committed 54+ megawatts of power via dual diverse electrical transmission lines.  Similarly, multiple fiber providers near the property have committed to build diverse paths to the site per tenants’ specific bandwidth and application requirements, enabling Ascent to provide rapidly deployable diverse carrier neutral access points into the development.

“Our facility will provide tenants with a purpose-built data center solution designed to meet their specific IT requirements, allowing global customers to remain at the forefront of the economy,” said Phil Horstmann, CEO, Ascent Corporation.  “Giving customers the opportunity to drive their design will help our customers maximize their efficiency while cutting investment and operational costs.  Additionally, our power capacity and cost advantages are among the best in the country.”

Ascent’s CH2 data center will provide a unique infrastructure for companies in need of cost-effective, low latency computing, particularly those in the financial industry or cloud computing space.  The company will offer each tenant a fully autonomous suite with customized infrastructure to the tenant’s design criteria, from redundancy, power densities, cooling options and efficiencies to security, dedicated entrances, shipping and receiving areas and other ancillary space.  This flexibility offers customers the opportunity to deploy next generation container/modular data centers in a single- or multi-tenant environment enabling them to leverage advances in modular-based computing, maximize power capacity and operate at optimum efficiencies.