everal FieldServer Technologies’ gateways have won LonMark Certification as Gateways with changeable Network Variable types. The newly LonMark Certified products include the FS-B2011 Serial-LonWorks-Ethernet Gateway, FS-B3510 Multiport LonWorks Gateway and the FS-B4011 10-Port LonWorks Gateway. FieldServer, a member of LonMark International, has long been the industry leader in LonWorks gateways, providing integrators and end-users with the interoperability desired for over 10 years.

FieldServer already has several gateways with LonMark Certification for specific applications, but this is a first to receive certification for configurable gateway solutions. The design of the FieldServer LonWorks Gateway provides the integrator the unique capability to interface 1000+ network variables with a single configurable gateway versus only 50 – 250 found in similar products. Thus, the FieldServer LonWorks Gateway provides unsurpassed, cost-effective integration power.

LonMark International developed the rigorous LonMark Certification Program to provide confidence to end-users and integrators that products from multiple manufacturers work together. Gateways are key to interoperability among building automation systems, bringing valuable data from proprietary and third-party devices to the LonWorks network. FieldServer Technologies’ extensive protocol driver library provides access to over 100 protocols linking thousands of devices in the building automation and industrial control industries.