GigaSpaces, a leading provider of a new generation of application platforms for Java and .Net environments, has partnered with Citrix to provide an open and elastic cloud-enabled platform. Integrating GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) with Citrix OpenCloud virtualization and networking infrastructure provides enterprise IT a fully integrated, optimized, and elastic application platform. The joint solution provides an “evolutionary” path to “revolutionary” IT solutions without incurring the costs of re-writing and re-architecting existing systems. Integration between GigaSpaces XAP for web, application, and data virtualization, Citrix NetScaler for network virtualization and Citrix XenServer for compute virtualization creates an elastic and open application framework. This ensures that organizations can upgrade their data centers and create hybrid cloud-data center combinations with minimal application changes while enjoying high performance and proven dynamic scalability.

“Citrix NetScaler and XenServer form the foundation for some of the largest, most dynamic datacenters in the world,” said Sunil Potti, vice-president of product management and marketing, Citrix Networking and Cloud Group. “GigaSpaces XAP integration lets Spring, J2EE and .NET applications hosted in these datacenters elastically scale up and down as capacity needs change.”

“Our joint customers will benefit from the combined years of experience that Citrix and GigaSpaces offer in providing the best hardware and software platforms for flexible application deployment,” said GigaSpaces CEO Zeev Bikowsky. “With the combination of Citrix and GigaSpaces technologies, companies can bring IT operations to the future without severing their ties to the past.”

With the combined Citrix and GigaSpaces technology in place, organizations will be able to extend the data center and the applications that run in these environments beyond currently known limits (and, when needed, physical boundaries). It allows enterprises to leverage historical investments in hardware and applications while easing long-term application development and deployment.

This provides a truly open, non-vendor locking solution, providing the broadest support for existing standards and technologies. It enables dynamic scalability without diminishing returns and allows applications to operate among public and private clouds and the data center with minimal code change. The joint solution provides a complete virtualization solution for the network, operating system, data and applications.

The integration is immediately available and has been verified as Citrix Ready. The Citrix Ready program helps customers identify third-party solutions that are recommended to enhance virtualization, networking, and cloud computing solutions from Citrix. Enterprises already using NetScaler, XenServer or XAP will be able to integrate the additional components quickly and easily. New customers will find that they will be able to more quickly develop, deploy and operate existing and new applications and hardware when they add the new solution to their existing infrastructure.