Modius Inc.,a provider of unified performance measurement solutions for monitoring critical infrastructure equipment in data centers and distributed computing facilities, has announced the introduction of an innovative migration package for users of legacy data center monitoring solutions. Modius is offering financial incentives combined with a package of integration modules that retrieve and convert data from existing deployed solutions during legacy upgrades.

Every day we hear from data center managers who are struggling with the economics of maintaining their legacy monitoring systems. They are frustrated that they cannot cost effectively add new equipment to these systems, or provide their IT teams and management with critical environmental data for capacity planning and fault management,” said Donald Klein, vice president of business development at Modius. “We decided to address this problem head-on by creating a migration package that allows managers to upgrade their systems to Modius OpenData while leveraging the investments they have already made in older, legacy solutions.”

The migration package for Modius OpenData enables data center managers to implement a comprehensive performance management solution that will:
  • Unify monitoring of all equipment and device types and eliminate proprietary databases
  • Maintain an open-standards database, across all sites, for comprehensive reporting and dashboarding
  • Create correlated alarm integration to NMS solutions or other systems management tools
  • Eliminate the reliance on professional services calls from outside vendors
  • Allow internal staff to add new devices to the monitoring system regardless of device protocol
The migration package contains two major components: Integration kits for extracting data from building management systems (BMS) or other legacy monitoring tools, and financial incentives to cover the costs of maintenance payments on older systems during the transition period to Modius OpenData.
  • Integration Kits: Because many legacy monitoring solutions rely on existing serial connections to devices, some managers find it easier to extract data from these solutions and import the data into Modius OpenData rather than attempt to replace these connections during the first year of deployment. Modius has created special integrations using Modbus, BACnet and other protocols to retrieve this data. With this approach, managers can concentrate on capturing performance data from equipment that may not been monitored in the past while utilizing the data from their existing monitoring solutions.
  • Financial Incentives: In order to help data center managers minimize the costs of maintaining their existing legacy systems during the transition period, Modius is providing special incentives and discounts to help ease the cost of transition. Incentives include but are not limited to maintenance waivers and other types of discounts on the OpenData solution that allow operators to continue to operate their legacy systems during the transition to a single solution.
For more information on the Modius OpenData migration packages available through the end of 2010, please visitwww.modius.comor request information