Telx, an interconnection and colocation provider in strategic North American markets, has announced the deployment of the Telx Ethernet Exchange service at five U.S. locations: 60 Hudson Street and 111 8th Avenue in New York City; 350 East Cermak Street in Chicago; 56 Marietta Street in Atlanta; and 200 Paul St. in San Francisco. These locations, combined with the 14 Ethernet Exchange locations offered through the Telx relationship with Neutral Tandem, gives customers the largest Ethernet Exchange coverage in the U.S.

Announced in June, the Telx Ethernet Exchange creates a more efficient and simplified method of interconnecting networks, effectively accelerating the growth of advanced IP services, technologies and content. The Telx Ethernet Exchange is operated in Telx data centers, boasting unsurpassed carrier density and access to a full range of services including colocation, IP-peering, interconnection and Ethernet connectivity products. Together with Neutral Tandem, Telx now connects 19 Ethernet Exchange sites, enabling service providers, enterprises and content creators to access, connect and distribute services seamlessly without time-consuming interconnection agreements. The Telx Ethernet Exchange positions carriers and enterprise business with a next-generation technology, enabling advanced IP services like cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

“We chose Telx for Ethernet Exchange service in Atlanta as part of our commitment to delivering mission-critical, high performance Ethernet network services in 20 metropolitan areas across the U.S.,” said Ben Edmond, EVP of Sales and Marketing, FiberLight. “Telx’s market-leading carrier density in their strategic data centers gives us the flexibility to extend our reach to telecom carriers, government, enterprise, content providers and web-centric businesses in need of access to Ethernet services, regardless of physical location.”

Now that Ethernet Exchange service in these five locations is active, Telx will deploy additional Ethernet Exchange locations in Dallas and Los Angeles. Neutral Tandem’s 14 deployed Ethernet Exchange sites are located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

“Our Ethernet Exchange services are located at our most carrier-dense data centers, where Telx fully manages, operates and controls all interconnection and colocation services,” said Brad Hokamp, CMO of Telx. “We give our new and existing customers a great choice of interconnecting with service providers or enterprises via Ethernet virtual connection or physical fiber cross-connects, depending on their requirements. In addition, through our relationship with Neutral Tandem, a company with the same carrier-neutral approach, Telx can offer the broadest reach in the market, so customers are no longer limited to specific geographic regions for reliable Ethernet connectivity.”